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Dante Hicks is a clerk at a local convenience store in New Jersey. On one particular Saturday morning, he gets called in on his day off. Once there, he must deal with multiple problems. The shutters outside won’t open. His ex-girlfriend, whom he is still in love with, is getting married. His girlfriend, who bugs him about starting college, has revealed certain, uh…stuff about her past. His boss hasn’t come in to take his place. He has a hockey game at 2 o’clock. Another ex has died, and today’s the last day he can go to her wake. He must deal with customers that aren’t so intelligent. His friend, Randal, a clerk at the video store next door, is even less dedicated to his job than Dante, and is always bothering Dante’s customers. And the biggest problem of them all: HE’S NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE THERE TODAY!! Can Dante manage it all? Written by MTRodaba2468

Its just another day for Dante Hicks, until his boss calls him into work at the Quickstop on his day off. With a hockey game at 2, and his girlfriend still hacking him about going to back to school. Dante begins to get into a bigger frenzy when he learns his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin, is getting married. With his always late accomplice Randall strolling in to work at the video store, Dante is left with no choice but to bend the rules a little with work, customers, and most of all his love life. Can he get away with it all? Written by Bryanne Marks

Dante has had a crummy job at an small convenience store since graduating from high school three years ago. While still enamored of his high school sweetheart Caitlin, he now has a serious relationship with long-suffering Veronica, who wants him to quit his job and begin college. His best friend Randall, who runs the next-door video store, is even less dedicated to his job than Dante. The movie covers one eventful day at the job. Written by Reid Gagle

The movie describes a day in the life of two clerks in New jersey. Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran) called to work in his day off, and his daily problems starts: His girlfriend wants to leave him, his friend Randall (Jeff Anderson), a clerk of a video store next to him, make him ashamed constantly in front of his customers, his ex-girlfriend getting married, he need to go to a hockey game in the noon and none can replace him, he has to go to a friend’s wake, he has to deal with annoying customers, a pair of drug dealers outside his store annoys him, etc. Written by rsilberman.

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