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Watch Obsessed Online Free – Obsessed is a Beyonce Knowles film that is not a musical! You also have Ali Larter in it but not a single piece performed by either of them. You will find Beyonce happily married to Idris Elba in the film. Ali Larter tries to snatch her man away from Beyonce. Well, Ali is a temp worker who happens to stalk Idris and Beyonce. They happily married life is falling apart as well as the well set-up career of Idris.

Watch Obsessed Preview starring Idra Alba, Ali Larter and Beyonce

Watch Obsessed Preview starring Idra Alba, Ali Larter and Beyonce

Idris plays the character of Derek Charles who is a successful asset manager. He leads a wonderful life with his beautiful wife Sharon, that is, Beyonce and has just received a massive promotion in his company. This is when disaster strikes. Ali Larter or Lisa begins to stalk Derek and Sharon and gradually his career as well as family life stands threatened.

If you go by the trailer, you can well expect a huge amount of skin display from the movie. There is a shot of Ali Larter trying to whip off her clothes in a car as she exposes her inner wear.

The film is directed by Steve Shill and is slated for release on 24th April, 2009. Stay tuned to watch on how Ali Larter pounces on Beyonce’s man and if Derek is at all able to save his career and marriage that he has worked so hard for.

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