Watch Semi-Pro Full Stream

Watch Semi-Pro Full Stream

Watch Semi-Pro Full Stream – Semi-Pro is directed by Kent Alterman and is written by Scot Armstrong. This is a sports comedy from New Line Cinema and stars Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Will Arnett, and Andre Benjamin.

Will Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, a basketball owner-player-coach with an inflated ego and a lot of macho swagger. Unfortunately his ego is not matched by his intellect. It is this idiotic feature of masculinity that is wonderfully presented by Ferrell. In this film, you will find him as the afro-picked star of the American Basketball Association and owner of The Tropics He bought his team with the proceeds from his hit song, “Love Me Sexy”.

Things go wrong when there is an announcement that league is planning to merge with the NBA. Only the top four teams will only be asked to join. Moon’s team is the worst team in the league. If they want to be part of the NBA and not dissolve into oblivion, they must place at least fourth in the final playoffs. To manage this, Moon trades household appliances for NBA “player” Monix played by Woody Harrelson. Can they pull it off and be one of the four teams to go to the NBA? The film is replete with slapstick comedy, satire, and surrealist elements in true Will Ferrell fashion.

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