Watch Untraceable Online Free

Watch Untraceable Online Free

Watch Untraceable Online FreeUntraceable is directed by Gregory Hoblit and written by Robert Fyvolent and Mark Brinker. This is a cyber crime thriller which stars Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Colin Hanks, and Joseph Cross.

Diane Lane plays Jennifer Marsh, a cyber crime specialist working with FBI Cyber Crime Division agent Griffin Dowd played by Colin Hanks . She is offered the responsibility to track down a serial killer who harbors a grisly passion. The killer loves to show the gory crimes on an “untraceable” website on the Internet to an every growing audience. Marsh relentlessly seeks out for her target, but the killer is always miles ahead of her. He gets increasingly closer to her and simultaneously he tortures and kills his victims in an even faster manner as his website become more and more popular. These sequences mostly take place in the Pacific Northwest. Can she catch the killer before the killer finds her?

In this suspense thriller, you will find that the killer extremely efficient in disguising his actual location while committing the crimes. The intelligence and agility of the lead character makes this film a real nail-biter.

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