Watch I Love You, Beth Cooper Stream Online

Watch I Love You, Beth Cooper Stream Online

Watch I Love You, Beth Cooper Stream Online – I Love You Beth Cooper belongs to the genre of comedies but alternatively, it can be apprehended as a raunchy teen comedy with certain sexual overtones. It is something that the viewer needs to check out for himself as the theme of the film is such that it is quite difficult to imagine it from the stable of Chris Columbus. The story revolves around a geeky valedictorian who stands up to make his maiden graduation speech. He had always nurtured a huge liking for the cheerleader of the school, Beth Cooper. She is the most popular and hot girl in the entire school. He wishes to profess his love for on stage. But, he receives the biggest surprise of his life when she comes over to his house that very night. It happens to be the most memorable night of his life.

This film is slated for release on the 10th of July, 2009. The character of Beth Cooper is played by Hayden Panetierre and high school geek is played by Paul Rust. This nostalgic film is sure to take you back to your college days. This film is directed by Chris Columbus and the production house of the film is Fox Atomic Studio.

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