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Watch Brief Interviews with Hideous Men Online Free – The director of ‘Brief Interviews with Hideous Men’ is John Krasinski. He is the screenplay writer of the film as well. It is based on a story written by David Foster Wallace. The movie is expected to hit the screens on the 25th of September, 2009. Amongst the cast of the film, you have Julianne Nicholson playing the character of Sara Quinn, Ben Shenkman as Subject #4, and Timothy Huttona as Professor Adams and Michael Cerveris as Subject #5. Sara Quinn is a doctoral candidate in Anthropology. She is working with the East Coast University and is shown to be extremely disturbed with the behavior of her boyfriend. This is due to the fact that he had decided to leave her without offering any worthwhile reason. This leaves Sara utterly distressed and confused. She is desperate to seek the answers as to what had indeed gone wrong in their relationship. She eventually decides to direct all her focus towards the successful completion of her anthropological dissertation. She plans to conduct a series of interviews with men in an attempt to unravel the manner in which the thoughts of men actually work. As she goes ahead with her endeavor, Sara is left shocked and awestruck at the revelations of the characters of men and also the way she rediscovers herself in the process.

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