Watch An Education Streaming Video

Watch An Education Streaming Video

An Education is directed by Lone Scherfig and the screenplay has been written by Lynn Barber. The memoir from which the movie has been adapted has been written by Nick Hornby. This film takes us back in the London of the 1960s. In this movie we meet Jenny. She is a bright young girl of seventeen. She is a brilliant student too. She dreams of getting into the prestigious Oxford University for her future education. She has started to prepare for that too. But in this juncture of her life, she meets a much older person named David. He promises to give her every possible luxury that she may dream of. Soon we see that Jenny leaves her studies and marries David.

But after a few days, Jenny begins to suffer. She has been converted from a bright young girl into a sophisticated young lady. She is unable to come to terms with this change in her life. She wants to go back to her old life. But the big question is, will it be possible for her. It is not that simple or easy for Jenny to go back to her old life. But Jenny will have to work out something; else she will suffer all her life.

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