Watch Law Abiding Citizen Full Video Online

Watch Law Abiding Citizen Full Video Online

Law Abiding Citizen has premiered on October 16, 2009 all across the country. The movie has been directed by F Gary Gray and the screenplay has been written by Kurt Wimmer. The movie belongs to the category of drama and thriller and has a tagline which reads “The System Must Pay”.

The movie is all about a brilliant sociopath, who plans and executes some brilliant high profile murders. These murders take the whole city of Philadelphia is a grip of fear and anxiety. But the interesting fact is that the murderer does everything from the cell of his jail, without moving out even an inch. The prosecutor who is assigned to the case realizes that he is the only one who has the capability to stop this reign of terror. But he does not know how he can do so. In this film we also get a glimpse of the past of the man. Ten years ago his wife and daughter were murdered and that is the reason why he has come back to take revenge and give justice to the dead souls. He not only threatens the murderers who had killed his wife and daughter, he also intends to challenge the legal system of the country.

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