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The Season 9 premiere of Scrubs will be a full hour! New students are introduced at Sacred Heart while old acquaintances become teachers. J.D., Turk, Cox, Kelso and intern Denise have returned to teach med school. New med students Lucy, Drew and Cole are put through the wringer on their first day. Episode 1 is entitled “Our First Day of School”.

In the ninth season of Scrubs we will see Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk becoming medical school professors whose students occasionally rotate through Sacred Heart. Also, Elliot will end up being married to J.D. and another surprise will come from the couple during this season. It is also known that Ted Buckland will leave the show during the season as actor Sam Lloyd has decided to move on.

In the second episode, “Our Drunk Friend”, Lucy learns a hard lesson about what it takes to be a doctor. Meanwhile J.D. and Turk try to play matchmakers when they spot a potential love connection between Denise and Drew, the new med student. They get a little bit of help from Dr. Kelso. Season 9 airs December 1, 2009.

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