Watch The Slammin’ Salmon Full Stream

Watch The Slammin' Salmon Full Stream

What does this celebrity restaurant owner do when he is faced with a humiliating debt from a Japanese Yakuza? The feisty former heavy weight champion had led his entire life monitoring all his staff with an iron hand. This time he is in for real trouble and he thinks of a way out that is equally comic and disastrous at the same time. He arranges for a contest so that his waiters get ‘inspired’ to sell more food and he is able to clear off his long standing debt. It is a gambling debt and Salmon announces that the top selling server will stand to win $10,000. He also adds that the waiter who will be holding the last position will be served with a broken rib sandwich. This would belong to the champ himself!

With such a strange proposition at place, it would be indeed hilarious to note that the staff would resort to the most unwanted of practices in order to secure their position and above all, save their master. Some try to sabotage the attempts of other workers while, others engage in manipulating to upsell to their patrons and some get involved in bribery and backstabbing as well. The film is directed by Kevin Heffernan is due for release on December 11, 2009.

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