Watch Nine Streaming Video

Watch Nine Streaming Video

Nine is a movie about a self centered movie director named Guido Contini who is struggling to find the true purpose, meaning and not to mention a script, for his newest film. Nine features an all star cast! Contini is played by Daniel Day-Lewis and also starring in the musical romance are actresses like Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren, Stacy Ferguson and Marion Cotillard. The film director is involved with a number of women. The movie shows him and his various relationships, including ones with his mother, his wife, his muse and his mistress, as he continues to search for answers.

Contini appears to be going through a mid-life crisis. The gifted director just needs some inspiration to make his new movie remarkable. Each woman adds to his enigma to make it an enticing film. Based off a Broadway production, Nine is packed with a lot of skilled choreography and catch tunes. If you liked Rob Marshall’s Chicago, then you should love Nine!

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