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TV-Stream.org simply strives to be a preferred launch point to the many of great legitimate entertainment sites out there. Contrary to our name, Tv-Stream.org does not stream, host, or embed any movies or TV shows on our server. Nor do we links to sites that engage in any of this activity as this would be illegal and unnecessary. In other words, tv-stream.org is not a pirate site. There are plenty of great legitimate sites with premium content so there really isn’t any need for us to be another MPAA target.

TV-Stream.org is a free hobby blog designed to help out fellow movie and TV buffs find approved premium content out there on the web. As such, we do not accept donations, or charges fees of any kind. If you would like to donate money to a good cause, we suggest Cancer Research UK. We are not affiliated with them in any way; we just think they do great work. While we have ‘premium’ areas of our site, in no way does these areas contain actual copyright protected work, or links to such work. We encourage you to see for yourself.

Any copyrighted works displayed on this site are property of their respective owners. Any copyright holder who has any issue whatsoever with anything related to this site may contact us here. We respect your efforts, and want you to keep up the great work!

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